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5 Advantages of Glass Doors for Modern Homes

Glass Door
Did you know that people used flattened animal horns as an alternative to glass before it became available and common? That was in the 14th century, and the world has progressed since then. Today, glass is a popular and classy material of choice for doors, particularly patio doors, and other accessories in a modern house.

Here are some of the reasons you should consider installing a glass door.

Glass Offers Beautiful Aesthetics

Glass doors are one of the most popular trends in modern homes architecture. They make great practical and aesthetic contributions to your home. Glass fulfills most of what modern architecture is keen on including transparency, lightness, airiness and variability. In some cultures, glass stands for transparency and clarity, while in others glass is the symbol of class and modernity.

If you are an architectural realist and purist, a combination of glass and a wooden frame will satisfy both of your design styles. A glass installation company will use their creativity and take advantage of the different glass colors and patterns available to customize a design for you. You can even choose decorative films to enrich the appearance of your home's entrance point.

Glass Requires Little Maintenance

Glass gives you all the beauty with none of the hectic maintenance schedules that come with other materials. If you are using a wooden frame and stainless steel screws, you will never have to deal with corrosion. All you need to clean glass is mild soap, a soft brush, clean water and a towel to wipe it dry.

Do not use caustic chemicals, petroleum-based cleaners, abrasive pads or putty knives to clean your glass as they could damage the surface or your insulating seal. With proper attention and a good choice of the glass you use, you can avoid breakages.

You Will Enjoy More Natural Views

Increasingly, our homes and buildings are isolating people from natural spaces. According to research, exposure to daylight and natural views play a critical role in the psychological well-being of human beings, and their productivity. Studies further suggest that sunlight and natural views are highly desirable in the interiors of 93 percent of homeowners.

Choosing glass for your doors lets light into your house and allows you more view of the natural environment. These advantages can help minimize cases of depression and memory loss, as well as improve attention spans for you and the rest of the occupants. Remember to allow fresh air into your home and step out often to boost your general mood. Glass Will Save You Money on Your Energy Bill Lighting your house accounts for approximately 11 percent of your energy bill. Glass doors allow you to utilize natural light even when they are closed, which can lead to substantial energy savings.

Glass is also a poor conductor of heat, which means during the cold season the more glass you have, the less heat you'll lose. It also allows less heat in during the hot weather. The result is reduced energy consumption for heating and air conditioning.

Glass is Functional

Glass doors systems are very functional and customizable. You can create small panels or large panels depending on your preference, and you can customize the tint, thickness, color or glass type to suit your airflow, sunlight and aesthetic needs. Almost every aspect of a glass door system is customizable.

If you are thinking of installing or replacing a front or patio door, glass is an architecturally beautiful option. Glass is an investment that can make you happy for a long time. Contact professionals such as Window Tech, for expert consultation and services.