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What Can a Glass Shower Enclosure Do for Your Bathroom?

Glass Shower Enclosure
Glass can beautify your bathroom. Updating your bathroom is an investment with plenty of return. Not only can you enjoy the sleek style of a brand-new bathroom, but if you sell your home, you may get back more than half of the price you pay. A midrange upgrade can score you a cost-value recoup of more than 64 percent.

Instead of the standard shower curtain setup, install a new glass shower enclosure and take your bathroom remodel to the next level. If you're planning your next home improvement project, take a look at the benefits that a glass shower can bring to your bathroom.

Contemporary Design

Your pastel-pink and seashell-blue bathroom needs something. Maybe more than something - it needs a modernization. Bring it into the 21st century with a contemporary chic design. This doesn't mean you have to get industrial and turn your bathroom into a factory-like space that's filled with metal. Glass can transform your bathroom into a modern marvel of magnificence.

How can glass take your old, dated bathroom and bring it into the modern era? A frameless custom enclosure has a clean, contemporary design that looks anything but retro. When paired with a neutral tile palette, this type of enclosure is the perfect complement to an updated look that has style and elegance.

Custom Options

Showers don't always come in standard sizes. If your shower doesn't match any of the standard doors at the big box home improvement store, then a custom glass shower enclosure can solve your problem - in a stylish way.

Shower curtains can fit just about any size of tub. However, they can move, gap, and shift. This movement lets the water out and into your bathroom. The result is a wet, slippery floor that poses a safety risk. Along with the possibility of slipping, a constantly damp bathroom floor can grow mold if it's not cleaned properly.

Instead of worrying about the moldy gunk growing in between the wet tiles, a custom door keeps the water where it should be. Whether you want a sliding door, a framed enclosure, or one that's frameless, a custom glass design ensures that you get the right fit the first time.

Open Space

Does your bathroom seem small? Adding a clunky porcelain tub and a shower curtain takes up space and cuts down the overall size of the room. When you pull the shower curtain closed, the entire tub and shower space suddenly disappears, which makes the room seem only a fraction of its actual size.

If you have a small-sized bathroom, an open plan with a glass shower enclosure can create the illusion that the room is actually larger than it really is. The glass lets you see through into the shower area - allowing full visibility of the entire room.

Tranquil Time

You're trying to create a serene setting in your bathroom. You've chosen muted tones, are partial to candlelight, and want the space to seem light and airy. A thick fabric shower curtain won't add to the open, tranquil feel. Instead, it will detract from it. Think about what a curtain does for the room. It makes a statement, but it also makes the shower area dim and dark.

A glass shower enclosure lets the light in, which creates a natural feel that lends itself to a relaxed style. While you might not get high drama, you may prefer the tranquil feeling of frameless glass when you're trying to de-stress in a warm shower.

Are you ready to remodel your bathroom? If a custom glass shower enclosure is on your must-have list, then our professional team at Window Tech, Inc. can help.